For People with Commercial Health Insurance

For assistance, call Community Health Advocates at 1-888-614-5400.

Understand Your Insurance and Rights

Health insurance can be a very complex system to navigate. Understanding how your health insurance and plan work can take a great deal of time and knowledge. That’s why CHA is here to answer your questions about your insurance and help you understand your coverage and rights, as well as what protections are in place to make sure you have access to medical care.

Change Your Insurance Plan

All health plans are not created equal. Health plans offer different benefits and should be selected accordingly to best match your health condition and needs. If you would like to enroll, change or disenroll from your insurance or health plan, CHA can help you by providing information on options and/or the process to disenroll.

Get Help With Medical Bills

Do you need help paying for your medical costs, such as hospital bills, premiums or prescriptions? There are programs that provide financial assistance to help eliminate or lower your health care bills. CHA can connect you to such programs and provide information on each program’s level of assistance and eligibility rules.

If you’d like additional information on help with specifically your hospital bills, please click here.

Click here for a Do-It-Yourself Appeals Packet if you would like to appeal:

Keep Your Insurance (COBRA)

Sometimes people lose their health insurance because of changes at work. Many times, a cut in working hours, divorce, or lay-off can lead to an individual or their family losing the insurance they had through work.

Luckily, a federal law called the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)  lets many people continue to buy their health insurance in these types of situations. An employee may also keep certain members of his/her family on COBRA (the entire family or employee is not required to join).

CHA can help you with your COBRA questions. Even if you are not eligible for COBRA or cannot afford the premiums, contact us for help accessing the health care you need if you have had a change in your employment-sponsored coverage. For more information on COBRA, please click here (link to COBRA one-pager)